Government Security and Investigation Solutions


Drakonx is a premier private intelligence firm, a trusted provider of investigations, background screening, and security services for government agencies and corporations. Our experience, training, great staff, cutting-edge technology, nationwide and worldwide contacts and sources of information allows us to respond on time and successfully to the need of each of our clients.

As licensed professionals, we operate within the legal limitations established by law, but with the highest level of aggression to obtain unparalleled results. 

Are you in need of a Smart Solution for your Special Matter?

Because each individual matter is different, it’s impossible to explain every aspect of how we can assist you without hearing from you first. We believe that having direct contact with our government and corporate clients is the best manner in order to initiate any special investigative and protection service. Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone, chat, or e-mail. We are here to assist you to find the best possible solution to your special matter.